After being in the works for nearly 10 years, Canada has new anti-spam rules coming into force in July of 2014. The Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (also known as “CASL”) is intended to limit the amount of spam messages received by Canadians. It will require significant changes to the way that businesses interact with their Canadian customers.

CASL restricts the sending of “commercial electronic messages” (which can include e-mails, text messages and other forms of electronic messages) to anyone in Canada, unless one of the exemptions in the Act or Regulations apply. CASL also contains provisions dealing with the installation of computer programs which come into force in January of 2015.

As a failure to comply with CASL can result in a business (and potentially corporate directors) incurring very large fines and civil liability, it’s important for businesses to start preparing for compliance today. In an effort to help with compliance efforts, we’ve prepared a short summary of basic provisions of CASL as well as compliance guidelines. The summary can be viewed by clicking here.